This website documents the history of our Chilvers and Etheridge ancestors along with many associated families includng Ambrose, Anstey, Balls, Fenn, Grainger, Gray, Gubbins, Hall, Keeping, Jarmy, Mitchell, Mouser, Wells and Wood. The family tree is updated fairly regularly as new information is discovered. As a matter of policy the tree contains no information on persons born after 1911. The collection of photos is also updated from time to time. The photos may also be viewed in groups arranged as family albums. All the Places associated with the family are also now linked to Google Maps. There is no need to register to view the site - this is only required by administrators. If you spot any errors or have any information or photos to add to the site please get in touch. We still have many documents and photographs to add to the database so please return to the site again from time to time. You may also wish to visit our ChilversNet website which covers more general family history, recent photos and other topics.

Julian and Helen Chilvers
21 Feb 2012

The site has recently been upgraded to use TNG V12 but uses the same template so the whole site should look unchanged. The photo on the left is of Julian's great grandfather William Chilvers while the photo on the right is of Helen's great grandfather Thomas Etheridge.

Julian and Helen Chilvers
08 Mar 2019